Sprinkler Services & Maintenance

All underground sprinkler systems should be properly maintained for optimal performance. Even if we didn't install your system, consider having Aqua Lawn, Inc. Sprinkler Systems perform these important maintenance procedures on your system. It's easy to sign up! You can sign up for ALL SERVICES, which means annual spring and fall automatic service unless you call and request we not service your system. Or, if you prefer, you can sign up for one service at a time by calling the office to be added to the list each season.


Spring Startup: Every Spring, from the end of March to approximately the first week of May, Aqua Lawn, Inc. Sprinkler Systems performs our Spring Startup Service. This service includes charging your system, cycling through each zone individually, and assessing for leaks, broken heads or drip-lines to make sure everything is working properly. Any minor repairs will be fixed at the time. Major repairs are noted on the invoice with an estimate pending your approval.


Winterization: During the Fall, from late September to Early November, Aqua Lawn, Inc. performs our Winterization Service. Once you are on this list, this service is automatically completed annually unless you call to cancel. The water supply to the system is shut down, all of the remaining water in the pipes is blown out through the sprinkler heads, and the system is prepped for cold temperatures. This procedure prevents your system's pipes from rupturing and the potential for costly repairs.


Backflow Testing: Most City Water Departments in Washington & Idaho are now enforcing a code requiring every underground sprinkler system to have a backflow prevention device installed. These devices must be tested by a Certified Assembly Tester on an annual basis to ensure no irrigation water flows back into the city's potable water supply, and a report filed with the city* when the test is complete. All Aqua Lawn installed systems have a backflow prevention device located near the water meter. Each spring we offer an Early-Bird Startup Package; including both the startup and the test at 20% off the regular list price when requested prior to April 15th. You can simply sign up each season OR request to be included in an Automatic Annual test list, and we will test each spring with the startup at the discounted package rate. *We will submit the required paperwork to your city so that you are in compliance with this code. If you would like a copy of the test results simply email us your request & we will email you a copy when the test has been completed.


Sprinkler Services & Maintenance: Our full-time repair crew services all brands of irrigation products. We use only Rain Bird® products for repairs, replacements, and installations because of their high quality and reliability. Our knowledgeable staff can also assess your system for upgrade or efficiency recommendations during a service call.


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Deadlines for annual service requests:

Spring Startup Service: May 1st

Winterization Service: October 1st

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